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Announcing our investment in 42Crunch

Venture capital firm Adara Ventures recently completed an initial investment in 42Crunch, the European cybersecurity startup based in London that is changing the way companies secure their API ecosystem.

We are thrilled to back Jacques, Philippe, Isabelle and their world-class team on their journey to secure the largest attack surface: APIs.

42Crunch secures APIs individually, and at all stages of the development lifecycle

The opportunity: APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) are a set of functions and procedures that facilitate the safe, reliable and stable communication between two applications for the exchange of messages and data. Nowadays, APIs are everywhere, with 83% of all web traffic occurring via API.

The problem: As APIs proliferate, so do cyberattacks that leverage vulnerabilities associated to them. Companies use internal APIs to access their microservices, SaaS APIs to draw in third party information, and external APIs providing functionalities to external developers. This creates a blurred security perimeter that may inadvertently offer an unsecured back door into an enterprise system. Gartner predicts:

• APIs will become the #1 attack vector of cyberattacks by 2022.
• The yearly cost of API security breaches is estimated to reach $600Bn by 2022.

The solution: The 42Crunch platform provides a set of automated tools to easily secure the entire API infrastructure by describing security in the API contract, and enforcing those policies throughout the entire lifecycle. Delivering security as code enables a seamless DevSecOps experience, allowing innovation at the speed of business without sacrificing the security of APIs.

To learn more about the 42Crunch solution, click here

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