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Technology leader and Spanish start-up to accelerate the development of a multimodal ecosystem

Strong focus on digitalization to provide a convenient and sustainable end-to-end car rental experience for travelers

Mobility continues to evolve. In recent years, new modes of transport – including pooled trips, car sharing and electric scooters – have emerged. Autonomous vehicles, both on the roads and in the air, might be the next step. The travel sector must respond, developing a new ecosystem to link all forms of transport together and offer travelers true multimodality through their smartphones or via mobile applications.

To accelerate innovation within this area, Amadeus has invested in Eccocar. The start-up, based in Spain, is working to tackle disruption coming from changes in shared mobility and the ongoing digitalization of car rental. It offers a number of solutions, including for micro-mobility and car sharing.

Additional investors include, among others, Ninepointfive, a European venture capital fund partnering with corporations to invest in tech startups.

Iván Luarca Gayo, co-founder & CEO, Eccocar, said: “Partnering with Amadeus is a major strategic opportunity for Eccocar, leveraging our industry-leading technology with a global leader in the travel space. We will jointly offer our innovative solutions to customers, and, with Amadeus’ support, our international expansion can now be accelerated, especially in the car rental sector.”

The investment will allow Amadeus to offer additional mobility content beyond car rental and pre-arranged transfers to customers across its global platforms. In the long term, the flexible nature of Eccocar will allow experimentation to enable more seamless travel use cases along the end-to-end journey.

Peter Altmann, Vice-President Mobility & Travel Protection, Amadeus, said: “The strength of the Amadeus Mobility Platform has us well positioned to continue to innovate and create more experiences for travel seller customers and mobility content providers. Now, Eccocar presents an exciting vehicle for further experimentation, and will help us evolve our offering as new forms of mobility arrive in urban areas.”

Suzanna Chiu, Head of Amadeus Ventures, said: “Our industry is currently undergoing major changes, with shared mobility and autonomous vehicles bringing opportunity to the market. To meet these changes, collaboration is a great way to ensure our solutions match the growing expectations of the traveler. By leveraging synergies between both organizations, Amadeus will build a seamless end-to-end car rental and urban mobility experience for travelers.”

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