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• Founded by Carlos Rivera and Pablo Fernández, Clicars has generated over €500M in revenue since its inception, and it has closed the first half of 2022’s fiscal year with a record-breaking €187M turnover
Seaya Ventures, only financial investor in the company, participated in Clicars’ funding round in 2017 and has sold its stake in this transaction, alongside the founding team

May 18th 2022 – Clicars, the leading Spanish platform in the online used cars market, has announced its sale to Aramis Group, a publicly-traded company backed by Stellantis. Since its inception, Clicars has generated over €500M in revenue through profitable organic growth.

In 2017, Seaya invested in Clicars, through Seaya Ventures II, being the only financial investor in the company. In 2017, Clicars closed a strategic and capital alliance with Aramis Group where the Spanish company became a crucial player in the development of the group’s international expansion.

In the acquisition, the founding team, Seaya Ventures and the remaining minority shareholders have sold their stake in the company to Aramis Group. After the transaction, the company will maintain its brand and operational independence as a Spanish company, which will now be led by José Carlos del Valle (CEO), together with the support of a management committee with profiles such as Alba Manzanero (CMO), and Iván Velasco (CTO).

After only 6 years, Pablo Fernández and Carlos Rivera have consolidated Clicars as a global success story in the industry, with continuous triple-digit growth and only €5M in capital raised. In the first half of its fiscal year –October 2021 to March 2022– Clicars’s revenues amounted to €187M (+138% vs. the same semester of the previous year), positioning Clicars amongst the top 500 Spanish companies by revenue. Additionally, in the last year, the company’s workforce has multiplied by 2.5x, reaching more than 600 employees.

Last year, the company began an expansion plan for its factory in Villaverde Bajo (Madrid), doubling its facilities from 40,000 to 90,000 square meters.

Finally, one of Clicars’ key purposes for 2022 is the commitment to the circular economy and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, which is why it continues to advocate giving cars a second life through reconditioning.

About Clicars:

Clicars is an online platform that enables users to trade, finance, buy, and sell new and refurbished cars through a more transparent, digital and trustworthy experience. Users can browse through to find a suitable car and get it delivered to their homes with a fifteen-day or 1,000km money back guarantee.

Clicars, headquartered in Madrid, was born as a digital startup in 2016 and after six years, it has consolidated as a European pioneer in the online used cars market. In 2017, Clicars reached a strategic capital alliance with Aramis Group and became a crucial player in the development of the group’s international expansion.

About Seaya Ventures:

Seaya Ventures is a leading European and Latin American Venture Capital fund, with offices in Madrid and Mexico City, that invests in exceptional entrepreneurs who are building global technology companies.

Seaya raised its first funding in 2013 and currently manages over €500 million across four early-stage venture funds. Seaya accelerates the growth of startups by leveraging the founder’s strategic vision, providing them with Seaya’s global platform, its extensive network of founders, investors and multinational corporations, as well as all its experience in the global expansion of companies such as Glovo, Cabify, Wallbox (NYSE:WBX), Spotahome, Clarity AI, Clicars, Alma and RatedPower.

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