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Boopos, the Miami-based company operating a platform that provides M&A financing facilities so that talented individuals can become business owners, raised $30 million in a combined debt and equity Series Seed financing, led by Fasanara, the leading UK fin tech and warehouse lending specialist. Additional investors include Zubi Capital and early backers The Venture City, Plug and Play Tech Center, K Fund and FJ Labs, as well as high profile angel investors like Eduardo Vilar, SVP Merchant Solutions at Affirm or Juan de Antonio, CEO and founder of Cabify, and private equity and corporate executives.

Boopos was formed in late 2020 to address the needs of a growing class of business owners and individuals from the search fund community, as well as management teams aggressively looking to acquire businesses as part of their core strategy, known as aggregators.

$50 billion worth of small businesses are sold every year in the United States, and they rarely qualify for bank financing or government backed funding programs like the Small Business Administration’s CDC/504. Small buyers end up either losing opportunities to the hands of larger groups, experiencing heavy dilution or risking their own wealth. Through a simple application process, Boopos underwrites online businesses in less than 48 hours and provides facilities for funding up to 80% of an acquisition under a flexible, revenue-based schedule. Furthermore, Boopos works with business brokers to pre-approve their listings, thereby enabling them to close a sale in under 45 days.

So far, Boopos has backed businesses like Gigalixir or Amazon brand operators like Telos Brands. With 200 qualified buyers in the waiting list and partnerships with specialized brokers like EmpireFlippers, FE International or Quiet Light, Boopos is becoming the financial partner of choice of the online business owner community.

«Ability, deep business knowledge, flexibility, and transparency throughout the process make Boopos a long term partner for Telos», explained Darien Lee, Co-Founder & COO at Telos Brands.

Boopos vets buyers before they can access their services, ensuring they have the right skills and track record to succeed in business ownership. The platform offers not only funding but also analysis and access to pre-approved listings posted by brokers. 100 new Amazon, e-commerce and SaaS listings are posted every month.

«Our mission goes beyond backing business owners financially. We partner with them by analyzing target companies, betting on their acquisitions and giving them the confidence needed to make their deals happen», said Juan Ignacio Garcia Braschi, CEO and founder of Boopos. «This Series Seed will help us scale as well as continue developing our exclusive business owner platform. We want to make sure that financing is not a blocker for talented and committed individuals».

The financial backing of an expert in fin tech lending like Fasanara will be key in serving the needs of the clients. «Boopos is in the intersection of all ongoing trends in the space: M&A as a core strategy, alternative lending, a new wave of e-commerce development, empowering small business owners», said Francesco Filia, CEO of Fasanara.

About Boopos

Founded in 2020, Boopos operates a lending platform that offers flexible financing for business acquisitions and growth. This model allows anyone to buy a company through a 100% automated process that can be completed in under 48 hours.

About Fasanara

Established in 2011, Fasanara Capital is a quantitative fin tech investment company authorized and regulated by the UK’s FCA, offering access to inventive disruptive products and real-economy impact investment solutions, making extensive use of proprietary financial technology. Fasanara’s unorthodox portfolio construction and unconventional investment strategy is a response to today’s transformational financial markets, away from twin bubbles in public equity and bonds.

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