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INDIBA, a global leader in the field of Radio-Frequency (RF) solutions for the physiotherapy, aesthetic and veterinary market, announced today that it has been acquired by leading private equity firms, Charme Capital Partners Capital and Miura Capital.

INDIBA is known to the world for the development of cutting edge Radio-Frequency and its scientific research performed in the last 35 years. The ground-breaking technology based on the 448 kHz frequency has helped people to improve their lives and recover faster from injuries.

¨We invested heavily in market expansion, marketing infrastructure, regulatory, medical and operation teams to strengthening INDIBA’s core product line. The time is right to move into the next phase of our long-term growth strategy alongside new partners¨ said INDIBA CEO, Remco Schmitz. ¨During the next few months, we will remain focused on serving our customers. I look forward to joining the Charme and Miura leadership teams team to strengthen our businesses together. We will now have the ability to reach a new, diversified market of customers and expand our portfolio¨ he added.

¨It’s always exciting for Charme to welcome a new team to our family, and to do it without restricting the creativity and work practices that are behind their success. The acquisition is expected to provide meaningful value-creation opportunities for patients, clinics and the industry overall¨ said Charme´s partner Francisco Churtichaga.

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