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Today, the private equity firm Ergon Capital Partners V SCSp (“Ergon”), Artá Capital and Mr. Faustino Velasco announced the acquisition by Ergon of a majority stake in Satlink (or the “Company”), a global leader in the development of technological solutions for the maritime sector, focusing on sustainable management of ocean resources.

Headquartered in Madrid (Spain) and founded in 1992 by Faustino Velasco, Satlink is a global leader in the development of technological solutions for the maritime sector, focusing on sustainable management of ocean resources. Leveraging on its innovative and proprietary data-analytics
technologies, the Company develops comprehensive solutions for the overall maritime sector to increase efficiency and reduce environmental footprint. Furthermore, Satlink has a wide array of satellite-based solutions focused on improving fishing control and traceability.

In May 2017 Artá Capital acquired a majority stake alongside Founder and Chairman Mr. Velasco, aiming on further growing, internationalizing and diversifying the Company. Since then, relying on its unique R&D capabilities, Satlink has reached global leadership in technologies for sustainable fishing of tropical tuna and has built a specific stronghold in Asia, the world’s key market for such specie.

Under the tenure of Artá Capital, the Company has grown EBITDA by more than 125%.

In terms of innovation milestones, in the last years Satlink has developed high-capacity satellite-based devices, proprietary data-analytics software directing navigation routes and “Seatube”, an onshore system that allows to certify fishing activity remotely by applying artificial intelligence technology.
The Company will continue to be led by Founder and Chairman Faustino Velasco, who commented on the transaction: “We are thrilled to start this new phase alongside Ergon and will continue to focus on our success factors to-date: relentless innovation, uncompromised quality and continued
technology-driven increase of ocean sustainability. We are profoundly grateful for Artá Capital’s continued support over the last five years, which contributed to the Company’s further professionalization, international expansion and build-up strategy. We have grown the Company profitably and, more importantly, increased client satisfaction.”

Pablo Álvarez Couso, Managing Director at Ergon Capital Advisors Spain, remarked that “Satlink is a fantastic project that we have been following for years. The Company has built, through quality and innovation, unquestionable leadership in the critical space of oceans sustainability, where there is
still ample room for development. We are excited to join the project and look forward to partnering with Faustino and his excellent management team and further contributing to the Company’s success with our network and experience. We fully acknowledge the value created by Artá Capital since 2017 and are therefore glad that they continue as shareholders alongside Ergon in this new phase.”

Ramón Carné, Managing Partner of Artá Capital, added that “it has been a privilege to have contributed to the Company’s development over the last five years and to have supported the excellent team led by Faustino in its vision towards increased sustainability in the maritime sector.

In the last years Satlink has further internationalized and has successfully acquired three complementary add-ons that have enhanced the Company’s strategic positioning. We are excited to have Ergon join the project as this will surely reinforce Satlink’s capacity to continue delivering its
ambitious development plan.”

PJT Partners and AZ Capital acted as financial advisors to the sellers and Ergon, respectively.

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