The Complutense University of Madrid will participate in an ambitious research project, together with Audencia Business School (France), London Business School (UK), Politecnico di Milano (Italy), Vlerick Business School (Belgium), Stockholm School of Economics (Sweden) and Trier University (Germany), to gather qualitative information on formal and informal venture capital investors.

This research, which will complement the already abundant quantitative information, will be conducted in a synchronized way in all major European countries.

The project, which is supported by Invest Europe, EBAN and local venture capital associations, will increase the knowledge of the market and facilitate the design of policies to improve its functioning. For its development in Iberia, Professor José Martí Pellón, main researcher representing Complutense University of Madrid, will have direct support from Webcapitalriesgo.

The information obtained will be used only in aggregated form. It will be processed by coding the identification of the participants. The results of the research will be shared with participants and disseminated in collaboration with national venture capital associations.

If you are investing in startups, you may participate in this research by accessing the questionnaire through the following link.

Nuevos informes y series de datos: El Capital riesgo Informal en España 2021 / Informe de Impacto Económico y Social del Capital Privado en las operaciones de Middle Market en España. 2018 (ASCRI) / Informe de Impacto Económico y Social de los préstamos otorgados por Enisa

Otros informes destacados: Madurez del Venture Capital en España.  (English version)/ Financiación de startups de Energía en España / El tiempo de las desinversiones en Private Equity en España (English version)

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