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We are super excited to announce our investment in Olistic, a science-based nutraceuticals company specialised in developing natural supplements for hair health and wellness, delivered through a unique, highly absorbable, effective drinkable format. Another portfolio company with a clear mission: making our lives healthier and happier!

The multi-billion-dollar hair growth industry remains dominated by prescription and synthetic analog solutions, with little to no customer feedback and relationship. Olistic has broken the mold by developing best-in-class, vegan, all-natural products backed by science, with a modern go-to market strategy.

The female market is the largest product segment in the global hair loss treatment category, with over 55% of the total market share. However, millions of women continue to suffer from hair loss in silence, deeply affecting their lives. Most treatments on the market today exclude women from the conversation and the formulations. Products are made for men, without an understanding of the particular needs of women.

In a world where both men and women feel over stressed, hair wellness has become an acute aesthetic and health issue.

Founded by Pedro Luis Gonzalez Atienza, Global R&D Director at a leading derma focused pharmaceutical laboratory and Pablo Nueno (e-commerce and digital expert), Olistic’s objective is to become a category leader in the multi-billion dollar hair loss industry by disrupting the space with a consumer-facing brand that educates its consumers and pioneers the conversation about natural wellness with science.

With healthcare at the forefront of consumers’ mindset, Olistic has the potential to become a leading modern wellness brand addressing real consumer needs in innovative ways, creating a community of advocates that engage and help shape the future of self-care.

We are extremely proud to partner with the Olistic team in this venture. Huge congratulations to Pedro LuisPablo and the rest of the Olistic team!

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