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We’re ready to roll.

We just announced the first closing of Leadwind, our new growth fund to back deeptech companies across Southern Europe and Latam.

This is a huge milestone for us at K Fund and for the ecosystem as a whole.

Leadwind is a natural complement to our two existing early stage funds and we truly believe that it fills a gap in the market that has existed for years:

  • A fund that backs companies with check sizes of €5M to €10M
  • Ran by former founders and operators
  • With a specific focus on B2B and deeptech technologies
  • And with people on the ground and close proximity to portfolio companies in key geographies such as Spain, Portugal and Brazil

On top of that, we’re going to market with the support of strategic investors on both sides of the pond that we know will bring significant value to the fund’s portfolio companies in the form of distribution channels and vertical know-how. Thanks to Telefonica, BBVA, Go-Hub, SATEC and Fond-ICO Next Tech for your support!

When we started this journey almost six years ago we used to talk about the inflection point that we thought the Spanish startup ecosystem was going through, and it has vastly exceeded our expectations.

This enables us to invest in companies from 100k€ to 10M€ and in seed, pre-seed and Series A+.

There are more and better founders than ever before -including second and third time founders with a bigger appetite for risk-, operators and employees with experience scaling companies to tens of millions of revenue, a solid and developing angel and seed-stage investor base, and more importantly, global ambition is now the default for most tech companies being launched. The same, to an even larger degree, is happening in Southern Europe and Latam.

And we can’t wait to be part of it.

Fore more information on our new fund, with an expected final close of €250M, please read the following articles by Sifted, Tech.euCinco DiasEl ConfidencialLa Informacion and El Economista.

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