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Out of 50+ companies, almost 50% said they planned to adopt a hybrid work model or to go fully remote. Of the remaining, the majority said that although they planned to be in-person first, they were going to allow for more employee flexibility.

We feel this is not only happening in our portfolio, but also in a significant portion of companies of all sizes, nationalities and sectors.

This creates a lot of positives but also a lot of negatives and challenges, especially when it comes to internal (and even external) communications, which only get exacerbated when teams work across different time zones, departments or when trying to adopt asynchronous work. In many of these situations, if you miss a call or a meeting, you’re basically left out.

At K Fund we’ve faced these challenges and one tool that we’ve been using quite a lot for months is tl;dv.

tl;dv integrates with Google Meet, Zoom (and other services in the future) and your favorite productivity tools (Notion, Google Docs, Calendar, etc) to make it easy not only record your calls and meetings, but also to highlight them, clip specific parts, share the meeting’s transcription with your co-workers, etc.

It’s really neat, easy to use and lightweight. On top of that, while using it and without noticing it, you’re basically building a knowledge base of your company.

That’s why we’re happy to be not only heavy users of tl;dv, but also investors.

A few months ago we led a €4.3M round in tl;dv, with other investors such as Seedcamp, Mustard Seed Maze, Shilling, Another.vc and business angels such as Oscar Pierre (Glovo), among others.

We’re quite excited about tl;dv, the future of company communications and the roadmap that the company has to go after the opportunity.

After spending some time exploring the market, there are several reasons that led us to investing in tl;dv:

  • We strongly believe that we’ve reached “Zoom fatigue” and that the market is ready for this type of solutions that allow distributed teams to not be forced to be in calls to know what’s going on at their companies
  • tl;dv has been able to prove that their product-led growth approach allows them to grow organically and through word of mouth, with clear signs of expansion within companies once a set of users start using the platform
  • There are big companies in the space tackling specific use cases (sales, for example) and also the video providers themselves allowing for the recording of meetings. tl;dv has a holistic approach focused on the productivity of different teams that goes beyond just video
  • And most importantly, working with the team has been a joy so far, from pre-investment to now as investors

If you’ve faced any of the challenges mentioned above, we suggest you give tl;dv a try and show some love on Prodct Hunt. We think there’s a good chance you’ll like it, in the same way that you’ll like their promotional videos 🙂

Thanks for letting us invest, Rapha, Carlo and Allan!

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