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We’re very pleased to announce our investment in Trebellar, as part of a $3.5m Seed round alongside HaystackJetstream, Altcapital, Bynd VC, and a number of other investors across Europe and the United States.

Trebellar is tackling a perennial problem with a novel solution – that of building management, covering occupancy analysis, energy-use cost optimisation, and incident detection & response. While existing solutions in the market focus on IoT based, vertically integrated solutions, Trebellar’s approach is hardware-agnostic, integrating with over 50 hardware providers, providing insights for tenants and landlords, alongside IFTTT-style automated decisioning to better manage large commercial buildings.

We believe this is an exciting opportunity for a number of reasons. Firstly, large-scale tenants are increasingly concerned with cost and occupancy optimisation of offices post covid, but are not well served by incumbent verticalised solutions (focusing on one area e.g. cost saving / occupancy / incident detection), or hardware-specific solutions that create a reliance on one type of device.

As building sensors become commoditised, the opportunity has emerged for tenants and landlords alike to pick and choose a variety of types of sensors to suit their specific needs, and created a space for a hardware-agnostic, easily integrateable player like Trebellar to move into the market.

On top of this, we’re observing a number of relevant legislative tailwinds on both sides of the Atlantic that are pushing building owners and occupiers towards cleaner operations and higher degrees of energy use and safety scrutiny.

We’re also excited about the opportunity to work with co-founders Diego and David. Both are exceptional engineers with +20 years combined experience across Google, Waymo and Salesforce, alongside being genuinely lovely men that are a pleasure to work with. They’re scrappy, execute fast, have built an impressive product in under a year, and established strong, relevant relationships with industry experts (bringing a number on as advisors, investors and potential team members).

Investing in two Spanish founders working across the US and Europe is exactly what we like doing here at Kfund, and we can’t wait to welcome Diego and David to the portfolio, and accompany them in the years to come.

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